Raw / Vegan / No Legumes / Gluten free / Soy free / oil free / non-GMO

its a Dip........ a Spread.......... a Sauce........ a Dressing........ its ZUCHI!

 We currently have  ten varieties of the fully fermented products  and  various, sides, entrees , even desserts prepared  with living, vegan, sprouted and fermented ingredients.

So you want your food to be "Healthy"  BUT it has to taste good,  RIGHT ?  How about.....

"Delicious" and "Nutritious"   Fermented foods are known to be beneficial for  cleansing, detox,. weight loss,  anti aging; aid in healing digestive concerns and assist in re -building immune health.

Ours happen to taste great too !

Organically grown local produce  from  Sweredoski Farm 

Products available at Old Town Orange Farmers Market  Sat. 9 am - 1 pm